About Us

About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 3T &Associates,Inc. Since 1979, 3T has been supplying silicon materials and services. Throughout all of our business ventures, 3T continuously strives for excellence and the highest standards for customer service. We are constantly improving our sorting techniques to provide quality materials for all of your requirements.

For our Semiconductor customers, 3T is a full service provider of silicon wafers in all diameters and specifications, including prime, test, monitor and coin roll wafers. We maintain a huge inventory of the more common specifications so we may provide you with   "Just In Time" deliveries.

For our Solar customers, 3T provides raw materials including; Polycrystalline, Ingots, Remelt, Pot Scrap and Solar Grade Wafers. In order to supply the highest quality materials, 3T adds value to the materials we sell. In our process we sort, test and clean the material to your specific requirements. As a commitment to the Solar industry, 3T along with qualified Equipment Manufactures have developed test equipment to help standardize the Solar Industry.

Semiconductor SIlicon Law Materials

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Silicon Related Prodcust

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Heavy Industry Machinery Parts

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